Marina Voruz – VOICES Music Video

Thanks to the lovely Marina Voruz….

I was given the honor of having my work featured in a music video.
This is one of my favorite dresses EVER! Customized just for her, with added blue ruffles.

Not only is Marina a wonderful singer, and talented actress, she is also a lovely model.
This shot of her in the pink jacket wearing one of my pieces, is equally fantastic.

The finished collaborations are divine!

Thanks to the always fabulous Richard Pryde for getting this shot.
And of course Marina Voruz for such a sultry pose.

Photographer: Richard Pryde Photography Model: Marina Voruz Dress: Xavia

Done shooting my #musicvideo #actress #singer

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It’s so difficult to portray the weight of the fabric, and how these dresses move with photographs alone. Having video footage is wonderful, the song really evokes an enchanting and ghostly atmosphere. I love it!

Go check it out in action, and watch her video: YouTube

Marina Voruz – VOICES (OST “LISA the Joyful”) Official Music Video

Produced by Tad M. Wheeler Tenderdyn Production and Vohn Regensburger Gymnopedie Films