Alien Life Fashion Show

What a journey. From start to finish I knew this experience would be life altering. I was given the honor of being a featured designer in the Alien Life Fashion Show.

Each designer was given a piece of art by Kurt Redeker.

I was given Tetragrammaton.

I created 3 looks to mirror the design elements of Kurt’s original piece. I love the black squid element in the center.

Getting this skirt to light up was the hardest part…


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That and walking the runway without falling.

So excited for the Alien Life Fashion show tomorrow!!!

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I was given an amazing team:

Photographer: Robins Photography
Photographer: Suzanne Simone | Poshtography by Simone
Production: Knew Conscious Gallery
Executive Producer: Kurt Redeker
Associate Producer: Erica Silverman
Associate Producer: Nicki Burke
Designer: Xavia Schmidt
Hair Stylist: Alisha Fresquez
MUA: Jordan Hull
Models: Christina Sachi, Rainee Nguyen, Aceilia Parker

Rainee Nguyen

Aceilia Parker

Christina Sachi

Christina Sachi


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