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On this blog I would like the opportunity to share my sensory experiences with art. I will attempt to tie in a weekly blog post with store updates, offering not only original pieces of clothing for sale, but thrift and vintage finds as well.

My goal is to share new content with you each week. For example, I will post a preview on Monday, with details about select items I will have for sale on Friday.

I hope to accurately share my process here, hopefully it will be relatively entertaining. Maybe it will be boring like a low budget infomercial. Either way, I’m still going to post it. 😉

My passion for clothing is a just a small part of the whole. To me, loving fashion, means loving art, and appreciating, science, technology, and how the innovations within each creative field, go on to effect our ability to express ourselves in daily life.

What is ideal beauty anyway?

The moment I realized the connections between daily life and how we use art, the more I realized it is also reflective of who we are as a culture. Everything is related one way or another. As a whole, entire cultures are remembered, not just for their architecture, or pottery techniques, but how they decorated it, how they shared information, and how those things effected daily life. Because clothing doesn’t last as long as buildings and pottery, the question I always asked was…

What were they wearing?

Our icons and idols don’t necessarily represent us. They tend to represent an ideal look, or lifestyle, we aspire to attain for ourselves. But celebrities are just people. We may idolize and worship them now, but in 100 years, only a handful of them will become household names. But fashion is art. Shapes and silhouettes are represented just like patterns on pottery.

We are viewing the world through our own lenses. Everything else is just a story told from our perspective.

Perhaps 100 years in the future we will remember this moment in culture not by it’s fine art, but it’s most successful advertising campaigns instead.

What makes art good? Why is some art more appealing to you than others? What grabs your attention, and brings you in to take a closer look?

I enjoy decay, I think it’s beautiful. The short window of transformation in between the old thing being completely gone, and becoming an entirely new thing.

I grew up watching T.V. and then rapidly watched the internet take over as our source for up to date information, and then the internet become handheld and portable… The thing about a documentary, or a T.V. show is, that it’s not filmed in real time, and we know that. Even news broadcasts aren’t FULLY live any more. They have a slight delay just in case something needs to be edited. But on the internet, you can get LIVE feed. You can share a live, raw feed globally in real time. Or however long it takes to bounce a signal to space and back.

The thing I noticed change most with our obsession with technology, isn’t just our news, or e-mail, or our phones having the internet. Our social habits changed, but more importantly our shopping habits are changing.

You can literally buy ANYTHING online… If you can’t, there’s probably an app for that.

We have reached the peak of what I would like to call “trash” culture. We buy cheap, merchandise that is manufactured to be convenient, and disposable. Or it’s low quality and breaks very soon after being purchased. But it was convenient, so who cares? This isn’t even an accident. High end quality items are not affordable for most of the population. Or they just aren’t being mass manufactured. Product choices are overwhelming. How many brands exist? How do you know to pick one over the other? Are they a sustainable company? Do they support free trade? What is their impact on the environment?

I am still willing to pay more for quality, but I still enjoy a deal, delivered to my door. Ideally, if I really like something, I will carefully maintain it, so I can keep forever… But also because I want to shop responsibly, and create less waste. Because these things are important to me as a consumer, they are reflected in my own products. Hopefully someday sustainability will be part of mainstream fashion. But in the meantime…There are lots of great things happening right now in the art, fashion and recycling world. Online and at your local farmers market.

Hopefully you read all of that with minimum boredom. If not, I will be posting lots of photos tomorrow. Just in case you want come back and look at those instead. 😀 <3