Summer Collection – Feat. Scott Rockbear

I think it goes without saying, the garden party was a success. There was so much talent and creativity in one space, I still haven’t had the chance to look at all of the final shots yet. We had 3 photographers with 3 totally different styles… So I decided to release each photographer’s work individually.

The first Photographer I would like to feature is: Scott Rockbear.

Hair: Nigel Kirk King

MUA: Jenni Pennington

I really loved the way Jenni did Savannah’s freckles…

Model:Savannah Lee

Don’t forget to check out behind the scenes

This orange dress tho…

Model: Raven Trantham

Of course there was a unicorn…

Model: Rebecca Briggs

And sirens too…

Christina Sachi
Nikki Rae

Denise An was Nikki’s MUA, and those eyebrows are fire!!!

All of the pieces featured will all be on sale this June.

The first group goes on sale Friday June 2nd SHOP NOW