Style Inspiration – Everyday Essentials

I realized it’s very easy to just stay in pajamas all day when I’m working from home.

But at some point you gotta ask yourself…

When is the appropriate time to change out of your “day” pajamas and into your “evening” pajamas ?


Welcome to Xavia’s adventures in “casual” fashion.

Three questions come to mind when I’m seeking out ideal everyday clothing.

Is it comfortable? ( Is it too tight, to short, or too long?)

Is it versatile? (Can it be styled different ways, or is it a statement piece?)

Is it practical? ( Can I afford it, will I actually wear it?)


Some girls collect makeup purses and shoes… I collect old records, scarves and coats…



  1. not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.

Scarves don’t just help keep you warm in the cooler months… They can also help block the sun in the warmer months… Or used to keep your hair out of your face on really windy days.




Coats aren’t always practical in the summertime, but I am drawn to stylish outerwear like a moth to a back porch light…  I’m a huge fan of military jackets, because they are usually pretty lightweight, and go with almost anything.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t actually know how to dress casual. I’m either dressed up in costume… Or I am pretty much wearing pajamas.


Whether I am wearing it, or making it for someone else to wear, comfort is key.


Next Monday I will be featuring another photographer and releasing more pieces from the summer collection.

In the meantime…stay tuned for my next style essentials blog…

Sunglasses not required, but highly recommended.