Style Inspiration – Grunge Edition

Grunge fashion makes me feel nostalgic for two things…
Thrift stores, and hand me downs.

If it was too big or too small you could still make it work by layering on more clothing.

Some of the classical elements of grunge are finding their way back in fashion, floral prints, plaid shirts, big hats, natural skin, ripped jeans, leggings, big boots, and oversized shirts to name a few…

This style is what lead me to start altering my own clothing, which lead to me altering other people’s clothing. Not only does it fit perfectly, but it’s one of a kind. No one else will be walking around with that piece. It is an expression of you alone. Alteration was just the beginning. Making one of a kind hand made grunge clothing since 2009.

I’ll be here all night.

Underground subculture doesn’t stay underground forever…

The cult becomes the religion.

It becomes part of the culture.

The disenfranchised youth, forms a franchise.

They buy in. We sell out.

Drugs, sex, and politics.

Social influence.

People power.

Everyone always points out the influence of Grunge music on Grunge Fashion. But I think they are married, one just came with the other. It’s effortless, and messy, yet stylish. The obvious ripped jeans and ironic t-shirts come to mind. But my favorite part was the bad ass women wearing vintage slips and baby doll dresses with combat boots. Something about this appealed to me. Courtney Love made it look effortless. But Shirley Manson takes the cake. She always looks sexy, and classy no matter what she is wearing…

Don’t sell me what I want to hear

For real though, sorry for slacking on the updates. I promise it’s worth it.

Keep checking in for more Photographer features, behind the scenes, and previews of my Fall collection.

I can smell Halloween right around the corner!!! <3