Diversity Fashion Show

This show was organized to feature local fashion designers in Colorado. Stylistically, it was a truly unique and diverse show I am so proud to have been a part of. Denver really has so many different things to offer no matter what your taste. The whole thing was amazing but my favorite part was getting dressed in the back room among so many Ferrari was really neat. They really do keep it clean, not one grease spot in sight. Not only were our HUMA so cool and collected in spite of having such a tight schedule to work with, I had a really great crew of models who as always, absolutely killed it. This was to date one of my favorite shows I have had the pleasure to be part of. Cos really knows who to invite, and how to put together a slick fashion show. Its still blows me away we had a runway built in a Showroom intended for cars. Most of these pieces are NFS or SOLD but I am happy to discuss custom work with you, just reach out via email or social media.

For more information about the production team visit NUE and Cos Lindstrom