2018 SIREN Fashion Show

When I was offered a spot to design for such a wonderful event of course I was going to take it. Since all of the proceeds went toward protecting marine life, I knew I wanted to use as many recycled materials as possible. I’m glad I went with a shipwrecked theme, everyone looked like they belonged under the ocean. This whole day was absolutely magical. We had a fantastic time transforming and passing the front desk at our hotel. It took out hair and makeup team over 8 hours to complete these looks, the work really paid off when they walked down the runway.

“That’s what the show is about because you can up-cycle anything and that’s cool, because you were just going to throw that away and now it’s art.”



I haven’t listed many of the pieces from this collection currently. The Blue Water Bottle Crown is sold, and as of this blog being posted, there is one other crown in my store available here

Please feel free to message me on social media or by email for availability and pricing information.