Q: Why does it take me to Etsy when I try to check out?

A: I know 3rd party sites complicate things. But for the time being I chose to link my Etsy, just so I don’t have to keep track of inventory over multiple selling platforms. Etsy has recently launched the guest login feature, so you don’t even have to sign up on Etsy, you can just make your purchase as a guest. You can still browse, look at new items, shop and add items to your cart on this site, it only takes you to Etsy when you are ready to check out.

Q: How can I track my order?

A: Your order will be shipped with delivery confirmation via USPS. A delivery confirmation number will be sent via the email you provided at checkout once your package has been shipped

USPS parcel post, international packages do not have tracking numbers, I can check to see if it has left the U.S. using the customs form number, but once it leaves the United States, USPS can no longer track it by the Customs form number.

(Please double check that your email address is correct before placing your order)

You can look up the status of your package by entering your delivery confirmation number into the “track and confirm” field provided at the following web address: Track

Shipping generally takes 2 – 5 days for orders traveling within the United States, and 10-14 days for international deliveries. If your order has not arrived after 14 days since your received your shipping confirmation, please check with your local post office to see if a delivery attempt was made. Your package may have been taken to a holding office for your collection. If there is still no sign of it, it may be making it’s way back to me. If it is returned, I will contact you immediately to arrange a re-ship to an alternate address.

Q: Do you make Men’s clothing?

A: I try to have a variety of gender neutral and unisex clothing. But I do mostly work with women’s clothing. I am currently focusing on adding more diversity, including a Menswear line.

Q: Do you make clothing in XL and custom large sizes?

A: In an ongoing effort to maintain a justifiable price point as well as to ensure I produce quality clothing which fits the customer correctly, the majority of my pieces are made to measure, or come in ready-made sizes x-small, small, medium, and large. Some items can be made in XL but will be considered custom orders and may cost a little extra. Most of my pieces have unique measurements and don’t fall into a standard clothing size. So I try to provide as many measurements as possible to assure a proper fit.

Q: Can I rent or borrow your clothing?

A: In an effort to maintain the physical condition of my items, any for sale clothing and accessories are not available for rental at this time.

I do have some personal pieces and pieces from past collections that are available for rental. After they have been rented a few times, I usually sell them for 25% to 50% off of my original piece. Then replace them with new rental items.
In the meantime please contact me here for more information on rentals

Q: Can I interview the designer?

A: For interviews or to write articles about my work, contact me here

Please send all questions via e-mail, with the word “Interview” in the subject header and I will gladly respond as quickly as my schedule allows. Please note that short notice deadlines may result in an inability to complete the interview in time.

Q: How can I buy previously sold items?

A: As the majority of my designs are unique, one-of-a-kind productions. I generally do not make previously sold items available for purchase but please do keep an eye out for my website site info and follow my Facebook page for news updates of any possible plans to re-create designs from past collections.

Q: Do you take custom orders?

A: Yes, please contact me for processing times. These can sometimes vary. Depending on your deadline, budget and my availability. (For example, I stop taking Halloween Commissions around October 1st. Because each one usually takes a few days and they all have to be shipped by the 15th or earlier to arrive in time.)

Q: Do you sell wholesale?

A: Yes, Please contact me for pricing requirements, contract agreements and processing times

Q: Can I model or Photograph for Discerpo. Necto. Decrepitus?

A: Feel free to contact me here or drop me a message on social media.

Please provide me with a link to your website or portfolio and I will keep your information on file for upcoming photo shoots.

Q: How can I work for you as an assistant, seamstress, intern, etc?

A: Thank you for offering your help. Feel free to contact me here
Please providing me with a list or description of what you would be interested in doing for Discerpo. Necto. Decrepitus. Include your resume, portfolio, or just some relevant links with some content. Please include your contact information.

Q: I want a refund.

A: I apologize if you’re not satisfied with your item. In order to qualify for a refund, there must be a fault with the quality of the item. As “scammers” and “renters” of items are not unheard of, all items are inspected prior to shipping to make sure that they meet their provided description. For more details about refund requirements, please visit shop policies and contact me with all relevant information.

Q: I want to promote you, Can you send me stuff?

A: Thank you for your interest. I do promotional things on a case by case basis, please contact me with further information. I do not have any extra promotional materials to send you at this time, please feel free to post a web link to my shop on your website. I appreciate your support!

Q: Do you give tutorials or patterns for how to make your clothing?

A: I do not provide tutorials or patterns for any of my designs at this time.